Term life insuranceremember

Leave your family more than just memories.

Your benefits:

  • customers can increase benefits without additional medical examinations by making dynamic adjustments

  • customers can use profit shares to either increase benefits or reduce the premium

  • customers have the option of including disability insurance in the policy

  • the policy can be purchased from the age of 15, the maximum age is 75

  • customers have the chance to switch into a unit-linked or classic pension plan without a medical examination

  • a new form of calculation is applied to policyholders in academic professions

Term life insurance is an ideal form of financial security for family members and partners. It offers affordable risk protection in the event of death – without the need to accumulate capital. This flexible insurance concept can also be adjusted to match new living conditions at any time, and can be affordably combined with our other forms of insurance, such as disability insurance.

Term life insurance is particularly suitable for:

  • Families that include a financially dependent spouse or children.

  • Young people who want to start a family later in life.

  • Academics who are looking for a particularly exclusive and affordable insurance policy.

  • Business partnerships, to finance the balance of a retiring partner’s capital account.

  • People who want to safeguard a property investment or plan to start a business.



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