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Pension plan for childrenremember

Compound interest is in a child’s best interest.

Your benefits:

  • Security

    • can be combined with ‘savings goal coverage’ – to help get your child’s independence off to a good start
    • can also be extended to cover the event of the provider becoming disabled
    • protect yourself today for the possibility of disability tomorrow – based on your current state of health
  • Flexibility

    • Unconventional premium payments: ongoing premiums, additional payments and a premium deposit account
    • Customers are free to structure the policy how they like. And if they can’t pay a premium, they can simply arrange for a premium holiday – while still enjoying full insurance coverage

    Experts available 24 hours a day to provide a variety of services,
    such as:

    • health advice – regarding acute illnesses and general health
    • reminder service – for vaccinations and children’s preventive medical examinations, including scheduling appointments, if so desired
    • shopping advice – test reports, gift ideas
    • information – about infants and toddlers, school, vocational training, university programmes, home service
  • Tax benefits

    • tax-free returns during the saving phase, only the benefits actually paid out
    • if the policy is held for at least 12 years, and a lump sum payment is made after the customer has turned 60, only half of the earnings are considered taxable income

  • KÄNGURU.invest is a unit-linked pension plan for children with a guaranteed minimum death benefit of 60% of total premiums paid (T439) or security in the event of death through the return of premiums/fund assets (T639).

  • Savings goal coverage is also available as an added option, which will continue to pay the premiums until the stipulated date in the event of the provider’s death.

  • Disability protection in the form of a monthly annuity of up to €2,100 can also be purchased for the child both upon starting school and beginning a vocational training programme, without the need to undergo a further medical examination.

  • Once the child turns 18, the policy can be signed over to them.

  • The plan offers numerous options that allow the insurance coverage to be tailored exactly to the customer’s personal lifestyle.

  • The portfolio of available investment funds is updated annually, so customers can always select from the best funds. Shifts and switches can be executed any time, effective the first of the next month, and are completely free of charge.

  • The guaranteed annuity factor offers customers additional security.

  • As part of the KÄNGURU Club, a hotline offering expert advice on a wide range of family-related topics is available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week (German landline charges apply).

  • Guaranteed pension increases until the start of the payout phase as a result of profit participation.

  • The pension also increases after the start of the payout phase as a result of additional accrued profit shares.



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