Conventional pension planremember

Plan for tomorrow, today.

Your benefits:

  • Security: a guaranteed lifetime pension from the first day on insurance premiums are invested in a coverage fund – an extremely secure form of investment

  • Flexibility

    • pension can be increased flexibly and according to income by making additional payments
    • insurance can be adjusted to match new living conditions through dynamic increases in premiums and benefits without a medical examination
    • thanks to a flexible early-payout phase, customers have the ability to retire early
    • customers can choose between receiving a regular pension or a lump sum payout
  • Tax benefits

    • all returns are tax-free during the saving phase. Only the benefits actually paid out are subject to a low tax rate. The pension benefits are taxed according to the profit share
    • if the insurance policy is held for at least 12 years, and a lump sum payout is made after the customer has turned 62, only half of the return is considered taxable income

Private pension plans are a secure form of investment and offer you a reliable income with guaranteed benefits during retirement – and they are also highly flexible during the saving and payout phases.

In addition to a personal pension plan, the inclusion of provision for dependants and disability insurance can be arranged in a comprehensive and individual manner, which is particularly beneficial for the self-employed.

  • Guaranteed pension increases until the start of the payout phase as a result of profit participation.

  • The pension also increases after the start of the payout phase as a result of additional accrued profit shares.

  • A medical examination is not necessary as long as the customer does not purchase additional insurance or provision for dependants.

  • Added flexibility through selection of additional non-contributory options.



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